Coventry UK  06/09/2012   Photo taken by myself, the object was not seen until after viewing my images.

Camera used Samsung ES75

Stafford, UK. 03/07/2007

Greenville, Michigan. 02/07/2008

Thatcher, Utah. 06/02/2011

Flight over Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 14/07/2010

Cordova, Argentina. 25/06/2008

Hangzhou, China. 08/07/2010

Brazil 06/01/2011

Hillsboro, Oregon. 28/09/2010

San Pasqual, California. 17/06/2007

Margate, Kent. 20/06/2009

Disk Shaped UFO   Paestum, Glossop, Venice

This cellphone photo was taken on March 1, 2011 in Dulce, New Mexico, by Dulce resident, D. Vigil, around 5 p.m. near the football field (i.e., high school), not too far from the Dulce Rock, which is part of the extensive Archuleta Mesa next to the town of Dulce.

Sightings of anomalous objects at and near Dulce is still common and are reported frequently.

courtesy of Norio Hayakawa

Special Thanks to D. Vigil of Dulce who took this photograph



Ball Shaped Metallic Object found In holiday snap - Isle Of Wight 20/08/2009

This picture was taken while on holiday in the Isle of Wight, the object was only noticed after the man returned to his home where he uploaded the pictures to his computer.

Photo taken on Oker Hill in South Darley near Matlock UK, roughly facing east. 07/09/2007

Photo taken at Buckingham Palace in 2006 Lens Flair to the right.

No Info  - UFO to the right

Herts UK  12/12/2010

No Info


Photo taken by myself 24/07/2009 This is a shot of the Carneddau group of mountains that are wedged between the A5 from Capel Curig to Bethesda and the Llanberis Pass road. UFO to the right, appears to be hovering above a peak.

Photo taken at Manchester Airport 11/07/2010