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Posted on 20th October 2013 by Jodie

Scanning the sky from my garden in Eastern Green, Coventry facing north with the sun behind me for safety reasons (as always) using Nikon 8 x 40 Binoculars to sweep the sky in a grid pattern covering the sky from North-east to North-west. Looking for unusual small dot-like objects, which may not be balloons.

After around 45 minutes I caught sight of a suspicious, glinting object which was catching the sun-light and seemed metallic. It was very small i.e. tiny, no vapor trail was visible visually and it was moving upwards in elevation very slowly. I watched it for a minute then aimed my camera/scope combination at it and shot around 12 images, assuming the object was a balloon without checking the camera’s screen I looked away from the object for about 5 minutes and then tried to find it again. The object had moved higher in elevation by about 10 degrees, so still thinking it was a balloon I shot another 15 images. Some large clouds then blocked it from view and upon looking at the sky conditions I decided it probably would not become visible again.

On analyzing the images on my laptop I realized that the object was extremely unusual, it had a vapor trail of some kind and was flying in a very unusual manner!

Equipment used for imaging:  Celestron 5 Spotting Scope (focal length 1250mm) and a Canon EOS 550d dslr (18 mega pixels), handheld with very fast shutter speed.

 Special thanks to the witness who wishes to remain anonymous.



Posted on 11th October 2013 by Jodie

I'd like to relate a sighting I had in 1989. I was mocked quite badly at the time by friends and workmates and I reported the sighting to another UFO investigation group but never had a reply.

This was pre-internet days. I'm a private pilot, I've held a full licence for eight years and currently fly out of Tatenhill. I've always been aviation mad, even as a child and always found pride in being able to discern aircraft types at long range before my family did. I've always been an airshow attendee and used to seeing rare aircraft types displayed in unusual flight altitudes. I live near Junction 10 M6 under the base leg of Birmingham International South facing runway so I am used to seeing all types of heavy commercial traffic. I mention this only to tell you that I've always been used to looking at the skies for the first sign of aerial activity and figuring out what type of aircraft I'm looking at.

My 'UFO' sighting happened in November 1989. I was 20 years old and had a Yamaha FJ1100 motorcycle. Previous to this I'd had a 350 YPVS and so was quite comfortable and used to travelling at well over 100 MPH and having the spatial awareness of what was going on around me. I was young and young men adore speed and danger ( or should do! ). Going illegally fast on public roads had become second nature. It's not socially acceptable to do this now but it was 25 years ago. 

Anyway, I used to use the M54 as a test track to see how much speed I could wring out of my bikes. Just for the natural rush as I've never been a boozer or into drugs but I do like velocity and risk. I always did this at night when the traffic was quiet. There wasn't anywhere near as much traffic on the roads then in any case. I'd been seeing how fast I could the FJ1100 up to sitting upright and prone ( Prone is a position where lying flat against the bike can reduce aerodynamic drag which in turn increases the efficiency of the bike ). 20 year old kids play X-Box nowadays! 

I'd been up and down the motorway a couple of times already between J2 and J4. The incident happened when I was westbound J2 and J3 ( Cosford ). I was sitting upright and the bike was flat out at an indicated 142 MPH ( The number has always stuck with me ). The weather was clear, no wind or else I wouldn't have been doing the runs. The motorway was clear of cars, can't be sure of exact time now but it was somewhere between 7pm and 8pm. My head is being buffeted around quite badly but my vision is good and I sense something above me and to my right in my peripheral vision, above the Central Reservation. Being clued up on aviation I assume it's a Police Helicopter which I'd read that some forces were starting to use and immediately slow down to 70 MPH to get a good look.

The object slowed with me. It held station on me as my speed decreased. I looked up and managed to get a very good look for at least a minute. It was the same shape as a Toilet Seat but with ragged, serrated, zig-zag edges. See why the mickey was taken out of me? The two sides curved together to form a blunt nose and the rear was flat. A bit like a clothes iron but I still feel that Toilet Seat without the hole in the middle is the best possible description of the shape I can give. It was Black in colour and appeared Matt in texture in that there was no reflections on it. There were no navigation lights, beacons or strobes. I detected no wings, Pitot Tubes ( A Pitot Tube is a pressure measurement instrument used to measure fluid flow velocity ), rotors, propellers, Jet efflux or noise although that I have to say the wind noise generated by my crash helmet was high. 

It had the same area as a medium sized semi-detached house. I couldn't see any windows or canopies or markings. It was perhaps 60 or so feet up in the air. It was relatively flat in terms of height compared to length/width. It was darker than the surrounding night sky. I could smell no Jet A1 fuel which always impresses me with its warm, sweet pungent scent whenever I'm in proximity to an aircraft that burns this type of fuel. I could smell no 100LL which the aircraft I fly now burn. This too gives off a good pong at quite a distance but is sharper and sicklier. It was obvious to me that it wasn't any type of Helicopter I'd seen myself or in my books. I speeded up and it kept station again. Then after a short while, perhaps 500 yards or so, it slowly moved in front of me then moved to the left ( south ) over my carriageway and slid off over the fields and out of sight to the south.  I carried on, trying to get a further look but couldn't. I was approaching J3 at this stage so sped up with the plan of exiting then rejoining the M54 in the reciprocal direction.

Just before J3 I saw a Ford Escort so I nipped in front of it to slow it down and started pointing to the sky where I'd seen the aircraft to see if they'd spotted it too. I had no response and in truth they were probably alarmed that a nutter on a big bike was gesticulating to them so I realised I was being ridiculous and got off at J3 then returned home via the M54 eastbound then M6 J10. Cosford was in the general but not exact area where I saw it last heading. Cosford is/was a Museum, general training and maintenance training camp and to my knowledge does not operate odd aircraft.

Never to this day have I seen anything like it even in books and aviation magazines. I know what I saw. What I did find interesting was its all Black colour which certain types of so called Stealth aircraft use for Radar absorption purposes. The serrated edge on the flanks of the aircraft I saw also reminded me of the zig-zag panel fit on American F117 and B2 which diffuses a radar signal aimed at it but at this point I believe those aircraft hadn't left the Top secret list. That happened at the same time as the Gulf war a couple of years later. Anyway, what I saw wasn't a F117 or a B2.

Thanks to the witness for sending this report who wishes to remain anonymous.



Posted on 11th October 2013 by Jodie

Just saw something very strange in the sky driving home on the M18 from Doncaster to Epworth. At approximately 11.30pm on Friday 2nd August 2013 I'm admiring the stars while driving home as the sky is perfectly clear and then this cloud suddenly appears and within the cloud appears a bright light. At first I think it must be lightening as we had a quick storm earlier in the evening but then the light splits into 3 separate lights and they shine a beam of bright light down to the ground before disappearing.  Then a few minutes later it happens again! This goes on for about 15 minutes with each event lasting only 2 or 3 minutes until just before I got home and the cloud and the lights all disappear as quickly as they appeared in the first place. There were plenty of other cars on the motorway so I can't be the only person to have seen this but it was very strange indeed

Thanks to the witness Andy Stevens for sending this report to



Posted on 9th February 2013 by Jodie

This story was originally published on the 12/11/2007 and can be found here -

In November 2012 Mr Lindsay contacted United Kingdom UFO Group with a more detailed account and conclusion of what happened on that day with illustrations, including his wife Rosie's version - exerts from a book that he is writing.

It was a very bright sunlit afternoon - a few puffy clouds in evidence. The sky in the West surrounding the Sun was bright pink. I was upstairs when, at 5.55 pm I looked out of my bedroom window and observed two perfectly round orbs gently floating above the houses and trees. My immediate thought was of two balloons moving gently upwards and toward me. The UFOs colour was a pinky hue, clearly reflecting the sun away to my right. At first, the perfect circles were very close together but were moving slowly apart. I went downstairs thinking I've never seen a round balloon before.

A few minutes later, while looking out of our patio door from the kitchen,

I was astonished to see the objects had changed to silvery pulsating star-like objects. To the naked eye each orb, as my aunt remarked, looked like two dancing together. As my binoculars were close by, I looked up, and focused in on the objects. At first, I thought there were two pairs present. I distinctly remember thinking how am I ever going to draw what I am looking at.

This shape seemed to move up and down in a fluttering motion, the sun catching one side then the other, giving an impression of a double act, when quite clearly only one object was seen. I must point out that I never observed the second UFO through the binoculars, not wanting to take my eyes away. However, my wife did. (Picture one shows the object tilted towards us with the bright sun on my right lighting up the right-hand side of the craft, leaving the left-hand side in shade.) It then levelled out to now resemble a shape familiar to us all, a saucer with a teacup upside down. 

The craft was now oscillating gently. The upper section revealed a panelling effect, which my wife described as a multi-faceted diamond shape. The only contradiction I can find between my version and my wife's is that she saw the craft upside down to mine. As I said, she was the only person to watch both UFOs through the binoculars. We seemed to be losing our focus and realised the UFOs, still pulsating, were moving away in a direct line from us and climbing in altitude.

Suddenly, from right over our heads heading directly for the UFOs, now vertical to each other, appeared two rapidly moving aero planes, the drama taking place against a backcloth of a translucent white puffy cloud which had remained in a fixed position in the sky while this had all been going on.

One UFO was now showing in the cloud; the other was below it. At first the lights were exactly in the middle of the planes flight path. Just before the two aircraft reached the cloud, the lights, just as bright, moved slightly to my right into the flight path of the right-hand plane. The pulsating lights went out and the right-hand plane passed through the spot where the lights were last seen, not close by but exactly. The right-hand plane then turned sharply left and joined up with his companion, continuing on their flight. The contrails they left indicated the aircraft were jet powered.

I have to say that I was surprised at the altitude of these aircraft. They seemed to be operating at about half the maximum height of a civilian airliner, say 15,000 feet, when the UFOs were at their closest to us, say maybe a quarter of that. About ten minutes later, my heart still pounding with excitement, I noticed a plane appear from our right, at a right angle from the first two aircraft, and fly towards the puffy white cloud - now just visible in the sky, and flew around it and headed off towards the direction it had come from. Once again, the accuracy was spot on. a few minutes later I sighted the same plane coming from where the original aircraft had ended up and returning from whence it had come.

Thirty minutes later I saw a total of six fighter jets appear flying in a line across the sky like soldiers on parade, and continue their flight along the same path taken by the previous aircraft over sea.

Rosie's Account:

I had been resting my knee when my husband, Leo came up with a cup of tea at about 5.50 pm. It was a lovely afternoon and he was looking out of the bedroom window, taking in the beauty of the garden, birds and sky, when he told me he could see a couple of balloon-like things in the sky, and then went downstairs to the kitchen to obtain a better look.

I got up and looked out of the window and saw two objects, which I didn't think looked like balloons, although it was difficult to make them out as the sun was glinting on them.

I went downstairs to have a better look at them, first with the naked eye and then through binoculars. By this time the things had changed. They were no longer round but more like multi-faceted diamonds, which were pulsating a shining light - that is the only way I can describe these two objects. By this time Leo's Aunties were also observing the phenomena, totally unlike anything I had ever seen before. The sun was slowly sinking in the sky, so made it easier to focus. The pink hue was still present and the sky was a clear blue, apart from one fluffy white cloud. The objects then slowly started to move further away, at which point two jets flew towards the same direction.

I corroborate what my husband has told you, apart from the fact that I saw them upside down, (as the above illustration).

Leo's conclusion

May I offer some of my own conclusions to what we witnessed. If these flying saucers do not show up on radar as the MOD would have us believe, surely there is our first coincidence: how could the planes have found these flying saucers so precisely? The direct contact plane did not appear to fire on said objects, so was the pilot's intention to fly into the UFOs kamikaze style? I think not. But this is exactly what would have happened had the lights not extinguished seconds earlier, or, have the pilots some prior knowledge of likely outcomes, (vanishing into thin air)? It seems unlikely a pilot would risk leaving a life or death decision until the very last second.

As I was writing this, my wife poked her head around the door and said: What do you want for Christmas? I replied: This pilot's mobile phone number will do.

Another coincidence: How could another plane arrive, albeit, late, on the very same course, hit the target area undeniably accurately, then return from whence it came? A few minutes later the same aircraft was spotted zigzagging about presumably looking for something. Can it also be a coincidence that not only did I spot six fighter jets in the area thirty minutes later flying in a line like soldiers, but disappearing on exactly the same flight path out to sea? It would be nice to know if flying saucers were spotted over Northern France on that early evening.

These objects might or might not have been of defence significance, given they are plumb centre of a very busy flight path to all points in Europe from Gatwick and Heathrow. These facts alone should be responsible for a light going on in the MOD's head, not least because of safety considerations! Yet nothing, zilch! It makes no sense for the MOD to ignore, prevaricate, yes, neglect no, the result of their actions is at they very hub of a story which is now beyond coincidence.

I know very little about radar, but sure as hell these UFO's must! Why would whoever is piloting then show (when first spotted), their largest surface area towards major airports radar systems? Could the occupants be testing our defence response times, as archaic as they must seem to our visitors? This begs the question: Can UFOs hide themselves from our radar screens at will? For the answer to that: Why has nobody been able to catch one?

Some will argue that what we saw was a secret craft either ours or another country's. If these flying discs belong to Great Britain why send up planes to investigate our own projects? Surely other countries would not be so foolish as to test secret craft close to our major airports, also, mindful of our own air force capabilities.

As a humble builder, even I know that a disc shape is aerodynamically unsound at earthly speeds. However, with enough thrust, a brick could outrun the space shuttle, the point I'm coming to is: wee, as humans could not possibly survive and accompany the said brick, so the question must be: Who can?

Sorry I'm not gullible enough to swallow all these coincidences over a one hour period, I prefer my own common sense and simple logic for the answer. I vow never to let this story be swept under the MOD's carpet. My MOD source through a family friend and of their own volition reported, planes were sent up that afternoon. i feel quite privileged to have seen this scenario unfold with three other people.

After all this, we can make a sound and truthful reasoning to claim the existence of flying saucers over black holes. After all, Professor Stephen Hawking and the world's best physicists have never seen a black hole, however, we have seen two flying saucers.

I realise this is hearsay, nevertheless, interesting. We hosted a lunch party and one of our guests, a well educated lady of eighty-six told us, she had worked for British Caledonian Airways and as such, was on first name terms with all pilots. She told us: It was a given that objects were seen most times they ventured skywards. She continued: The strange thing was, that all pilots log books had their encounters erased each time. An eighty-six year old British Ambassadors's wife telling "porkies"! I think it highly unlikely.

Special thanks to Leo Lindsay for sending me this latest report on his sighting.




Posted on 9th February 2013 by Jodie

Hi, this morning (13/11/2012) at 04.35 am I saw a huge ball of fire in the sky over Plymbridge area in Plymouth. I'm usually out early with the dog so I'm used to seeing the Space Station go over and that looks like a bright white orb, this however seemed to pulse with some sort of red/blue lights within. I used a local landmark (Boringdon golf clubhouse) as a landmark on the horizon ( they leave lights on so its easy to get my bearings) and there was no way it was a burning car/house in the distance as the Golf Course is the highest peak on the horizon. It got my attention due to the strange way it pulsated and gave the impression it could be revolving in some way, the atmospheric conditions were slightly misty so it wasn't a crisp clear view but clear enough to know it wasn't a Chinese Lantern or the Space Station. I didn't have my phone with me to take a photo.





Posted on 11th October by Jodie

The images below were also taken along the same location on the 07/09/2012 

They were taken along the Thames River between Oxford and Reading with a Sony Cybershot DSC-TX10. The photographer wishes to remain anonymous and states that they did not see these objects at the time. 





Posted on 17th September by Jodie

We were returning from shopping in Aldershot driving up Redan Road on Sunday 8th September. As we approached the top of the hill I noticed a shiny object in the sky and turned to my husband and said "Oh my goodness what is that? Look!", He was equally surprised. We stopped off at the park at the top of the hill as we had promised our child and this gave us opportunity to observe the object. I just had my photo camera in my handbag at the time and so took a few photos of it, some were out of focus due to the nature of trying to take a shot of an object in the sky but a couple were clearly focused.

We watched it for about 10 minutes and I suggested to my husband that he return home to fetch the video camera. He was reluctant saying that in the time to get home and back (15 minutes or so) the object would be gone. After some convincing he went home and came back with the video camera where I then took some footage. It was a warm, sunny day with minimal wind. There was a large amount of vapour trails in the sky that afternoon. Observed the object from approximately 3pm until 3.45pm until it was obscured by cloud. The object remained in an "upright" position in the sky and was unwavering. It moved away from us slowly getting smaller and smaller but remained at the same altitude throughout our watching it. It was completely silent and steady. My husband posted a photo of the object where a local friend commented that they had also noticed the strange object that afternoon but was driving so was unable to fully inspect. Am baffled as to what we saw.

Special thanks to Paula who sent this report and photograph/video to  WWW.UNITEDKINGDOMUFOGROUP.CO.UK 

It is also worth noting that similar objects have been filmed over Mexico, see video below.




Posted on 11th April by Jodie

On the night I took these photo's we were having a Thunder Storm and I went to Crowborough, (east sussex) golf course to get some lightning photo's, I was standing very near the club house facing the coast, south.

After a while of taking photo's I went home, I looked through the pics and wasn't that happy with the results! The images stayed on the memory card in the camera for approx a year when I decided to buy a new tv, I went for a 50" Plasma and once it was set up I noticed it had a memory card slot. I thought I would try it out and took the memory card from my camera and popped it in the tv and this was when I noticed the strange crafts in my pictures.

I really hope someone can explain what I have caught, I did view the pictures in sequence and the way the craft flys is very odd, I am lost as to what it might be. I find this type of phenomena very interesting although I remain sceptical.

These photographs were taken with an Olympus FE-280 camera between 22:31 and 22:37 on the 16/07/2009. The person who took these wishes to remain anonymous. If you have witnessed/photographed anything similar, please email the details to






Posted on 22nd February by Jodie

This image and report was sent in to   21/02/2012

This is a photo taken on the 12 August 2011 in Rue Au Blanq, St Clement which is on top of a hill.   It was 21:33 pm on a warm summers night. I had been taking photo's all evening and this one caught my attention. It was taken from the East side of the Island facing West. The light in the top right hand side of the picture caught my eye so I instantly took another photo in the same direction, this time no light was visible.

If you can zoom in, onto the light, a shape becomes apparent. There is also a smaller light visible on the left hand side. I have shown this to a number of my family and friends and no one can explain what it is, although we all believe it to be an object. It was also filtered through Photo Shop and certainly looks like an object.

Special thanks to the witness,  Debbie Batho.

Jodie Richardson   WWW.UNITEDKINGDOMUFOGROUP.CO.UK    I have put this image through a number of filters as seen below.

Crop and zoom of the original

Crop, zoom and desaturation 

Crop, zoom and greyscale 





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I am a commercial pilot. I have just seen 10 orange orbs pass from the west south west to the east north east directly overhead my location of BH22 8PY. Their track was very similar. 6 individual passes and 2 pairs in close proximity. Hieght and speed are very difficult to judge without knowing their size. If these objects were at 3000 agl there speed would have been appx 250 kts. They were clearly visable and just below the cloud base. At long range from my eyeline they entered cloud over the Ringwood area. If Bournemouth ground air traffic control were on duty they would have seen the sights. I know the Bournemouth intl airport very well. I did much of my flying training and hour building there. I have no idea what the objects were, however they were not chinese lanterns. They displayed an orange glow in all directions from towards, overhead and going away. They made no sound i could hear. I also had 3 other witneses with me. I would love to know what they were. What does Bournemouth Air traffic have to say? Maybe Southampton air Traffic has got something.   NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

Special thanks to UK-UFO for this report   WWW.UK-UFO.CO.UK



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These photographs were taken by myself, Andrew Hennessey in and around the locality of Gorebridge an ex-mining town 15 miles south of Edinburgh the Scottish capital.
Over the last 10+ years there has been a huge amount of camcorder footage and numerous witnesses at Gorebridge recounting events that appear paranormal and which cannot be adequately explained by most skeptical arguments.
The paranormal activity is ongoing as is the filming and witness reports and even if it is the Ministry of Defence that is at least partly responsible for some flying of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAV's on film] at passing Boeing 737 passenger jets or regular vertical take-offs and landings from local fields by large craft - then folks at Gorebridge have a right to know what or who is disturbing their peace.

I have footage and other images up at
and UFO cameraman Jackie Gillies who films something almost every other night and day at Gorebridge has some of his footage up at

I am also available for talks and presentations

Report and photographs sent to UNITED KINGDOM UFO GROUP by Andrew Hennessey

Special thanks to Andrew Hennessey




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I was out in the back garden saturday night when a ball of light came towards me, this was at 10.45pm. It was a very clear night but cold.
It Changed colour from red, green, blue and white. Had a Strobe at the rear doing the same thing in changing colour.
This was coming towards me then veered off to the right unlike an aeroplane, was a lot sharper.
Height approx 200 metres, no sound at all! Speed approx 50/70MPH  Definitely no helicopter. It was in the air approx 3/4 minutes till it went out of my sight. I also heard someone shout what is that to a friend, they seemed to be in a back garden to the right of me but I was unable to see them.

Report and photographs sent to UNITED KINGDOM UFO GROUP by Mike Bathurst.

Special thanks to Mike Bathurst




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In 1979 before migrating to Australia and worked as a Paramedic with the Devon Ambulance Service in North Devon UK. My colleague and I had to respond to a 999 call around 1 Am in the morning.  All emergency lights were operating on the Ambulance as we drove through the narrow country lanes there was no moon that night so it was pitch black’.  We had just passed through a small village when we observed coming in the other direction on the right hand side of the road at speed where we though were headlights of a small car possibly the size of a Mini.  On seeing the supposed vehicle I started to brake hard and started to pull into the side of the road due to the width of the road there would have been a collision.  All of a sudden the headlights seem to mount the bank in its path fearing that the on coming vehicle had met with an accident, my colleague called up our Control to inform them what had happened during this process the object seem to explode and rise directly upwards in the air in a shapeless orange glow it then proceeded to cross the road to the left very slowly like balloon drifts about 30-40 ft up we had stopped by now and observed it dissolve into yellow and orange sparks when it hit a large tree and slowly descended to the ground.  We reported to our control what we had seen and reported that we thought we had encountered a UFO which of course bought forth some comments, but observation was one of the skills like police we were trained in.  We decided to proceed on our way as this was not in our scope of handling and still had an emergency to go to and by now we were pretty shook up, Control informed the police to attend the incident, who apparently found nothing.  On driving away we observed were the object had been, there were glowing red and yellow embers on the road. On returning to base we were interviewed by the police and also some guys from the Government who took a statement also.  It was a big joke around the Ambulance Staff and Hospitals for quite a time, but at the time it happened it shook us up. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.


Special thanks to Dave Goodenough for his sighting report. This event was recorded in the local newspaper.











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On a November morning in 1979, as he was entering a forest alongside the M8 Motorway, joined only by his trusty dog. Taylor had been carrying out his usual business as an area developmental officer, with intent of observing some sapling trees in the forest nearby. The two had traveled by foot into the forest, and upon reaching a clearing a few hundred feet into the area, Taylor was surprised to see a large, circular object hovering above the ground.  The “craft”, which really was just a large, dark-colored metallic sphere, seemed void of any identifying characteristics, save only the appearance of some kind of rim along it’s center, and a series of “portholes” just above this area. Curiously, the craft somehow also managed to appear translucent in certain areas; Taylor likened this to being what he believed was some kind of an attempt by the craft at camouflaging itself. Despite the strange, seemingly otherworldly technology present before him, Robert Taylor then ensured that his encounter would go down in UFO-history (though he knew it not at the time), and started off in the direction of the craft, hoping for a better look.  Indeed, in retrospect many of us are probably asking how many terrible mishaps we could name that began just like this? One might even wonder if Taylor hadn’t seen any of the more famous film representations of what happened to individuals who approached spacecraft hovering nearby, and thus proceeded with greater caution. On the other hand, this was reality, of course, or so he thought… the potential for bodily harm couldn’t have been like what one might expect to see on the silver screen, right? Whatever the actual thought process going through Taylor’s mind at the time may actually have been, as he began to near the object, he was startled by the sudden appearance of two smaller metallic orbs, which dropped suddenly from the craft. As they neared the Earth, the two objects produced a number of bizarre appendages, which they then used to make their way across the ground toward him. Upon reaching Taylor, the strange little metallic spheres began to latch onto the the very surprised surveyor’s trouser legs with their metallic apparatus, subsequently releasing a noxious gas that smelled like “burning automobile brake linings.” Taylor began to feel ill, and just before being dragged directly towards the strange object–now hovering mere feet away from him–Taylor fell forward and blacked out.  If an abduction of any kind had taken place, Taylor certainly seemed to remain unaware of it, though he did suffer a variety of strange aftereffects following his close proximity to the foreign-looking aircraft. Immediately upon awaking, Taylor found himself unable to speak, and had similar difficulty when attempting to walk. Though he eventually made it back to his car, Taylor is alleged to have driven right off the road, and was then forced to attempt getting home on foot. Still noticeably disturbed by this experience, Taylor’s wife was equally concerned when she watched her husband walk in, visibly disoriented and claiming that he had “been gassed.” Here’s where things get interesting. Taylor was later seen by a doctor, who found only minimal signs of injury following the contactee’s ordeal. Police, however, filed the investigation under a “common assault,” following a report made to area law enforcement by Taylor’s supervisor, a man named Malcolm Drummond. Thus, in addition to garnering widespread attention for his otherworldly encounter, Taylor’s case became the first UFO report that received official investigation under the Scottish Lothian Borders Police. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.


Thanks to Mysterious Universe.










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A Wigan teenager was left stunned after photographing three bizarre UFOs above his home.

The youth, 19, who doesn’t wish to be identified, captured the objects on his iphone as they hovered in the skies above his house in Swinley on Sunday evening.

He said: “I was just getting into my car and looked up to see these three black objects in the sky pretty much above me. I managed to rattle of a picture or two but when I nipped back inside to tell my mum to come and have a look they had gone.

“I’d say they were about as big as a house but perfectly round and there was three of them spaced evenly apart. I’m not sure but I also thought I heard a bit of a humming noise.”

There have been a spate of UFO sightings in Wigan in the recent months and while most sightings can be explained away as chinese lanterns, kites or other legitimate flying objects, some, like these, are harder to explain.

“They weren’t moving, floating or doing anything - they were perfectly still, it was eerie but I felt totally at ease looking up at them,” said the dumbfounded teenager.

“Everybody knows someone who has ‘seen a UFO’ and I’d be the first person to take the micky out of them but now I’m not so sure they were lying.

“Seeing something with your own eyes puts things into a different perspective.

“I wouldn’t say I’m ‘converted’ and suddenly believe in ET - but these objects have opened my eyes to the possibility that there are other crafts than the ones we know about flying about up there.”

Humans or aliens? You decide.

Did you see these objects at around 6 pm on Sunday in the Swinley area?

Special thanks to Billy Booth - 






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Shape: Sphere

Duration: 60 seconds (approx.)

Very bright orb seen in daylight, on A51 accelerating towards Chester, UK.

Traveling on A51 towards Chester. Weather was overcast but still broad daylight- my partner (who was driving) noticed a very, very bright ball of white light hovering in the sky at the top of his line of sight.

The light was too bright to be a star or a plane (a fact he commented on).

The ball hovered stationary in the sky for 50 seconds (approx.) and then travelled directly forward (towards Chester) at a phenomenal speed being lost from sight in a second.

My partner was visibly uneasy afterwards!

I had seen reports the day before of sightings on the M11 and I asked him to describe exactly what he saw (I could see nothing as I didn't have my glasses and am blind in one eye, shortsighted in the other.

The dashboard is hard for me to see let alone anything at cloud level!

The description he gave exactly matched what was filmed yesterday on the M11 (a report my partner had not seen) and when we returned home I showed him the camera footage.

He was visibly taken aback and explained that what he saw was identical, except he saw only one orb as opposed to the four in the footage.

We reported the sighting to the local police 20 minutes ago. I highly doubt it was a Chinese Lantern due to the speed it was traveling according to my partners account - in fact he shouted "Jesus Christ!"

When the orb accelerated was enough of an indicator for me.

I only wish I had my glasses with me at the time.

Special thanks to Billy Booth - 






Posted on by Jodie

In the last 10+ years I have had a number of UFO sightings, my most profound sighting was in Skegness, Lincs when myself, husband, children and dog were on holiday.We all decided (including the dog) we would go for a walk to look at the stars and UFO hunt as it was a clear, dark evening.
As we walked around the edge of the site we came across this hill (man-made) that was covered in patchy grass and thought it would be a good place to view the sky.

We climbed to the top and agreed we had a great view all around us, it was cold and blustery as we lay down beside each other to watch. After around twenty minutes I noticed to my left in the sky, 2 objects like pinpricks of dull, light (the next bit happened extremely fast, in a matter of seconds, no more than 10-15 seconds), I quickly pointed them out and no sooner than everyone had noticed them, they were directly above us.
What was even more remarkable was the movement these 2 objects were making, they appeared to be side by side and looked like pebbles being skimmed in water, in sync.
As they were above us the one furthest away did something that just blew me away, it wiggled in towards the other in a dancing fashion (close enough to look like it would hit) and then went back to its original formation. They then both skipped across the sky with us watching till they vanished, completely out of sight.

We were all very excited, freezing cold at that point, we decided it would be a good time to leave. We chatted on our way back about what we had just witnessed and found our accounts to be somewhat different?

Three of us saw round objects that had an outer, blue light but two of us saw a light orange colour?
I remember to me, the objects were dull in the centre with a light orange hue around the outer edge.

The speed these objects were going, how far they travelled in a matter of seconds, was phenomenal, as well as the fluidity, movement that they were making. We all heard no sound as they passed over.
I still get goosebumps to this day when recalling this sighting.

The above image was created by Brent Berry who kindly agreed to draw a representation of what we saw that evening

Special thanks to Brent Berry  WWW.BRENTBERRYARTS.COM





Posted on by Jodie

Last night my grandson was here with me and at 9.10 pm , a sphere came over at aproximately 1000 feet. It came from the South going North.  It must of been 16 feet wide and traveling fast.  It was a very light orange in color. I have seen the same UFO earlier this year when I was at the old house.  I hit it with a green lazer and was quite astonished. As the green bean hit the sphere, it flaired outwards and I heard a crackling noise and was quite astonished.  Hayden, my grandson was in the living room and I shouted to him to come outside quickly. He also saw the sphere.  We followed it across the limited space we have in the garden.  I feel it was doing at least 500 miles per hour. I had no time to capture it on camera.  This is the second time I have seen this object. NOTE: This sighting has been submitted to World UFO Photos. The above image is a rendering.

This is another sighting by Mike Bathurst of the United Kingdom.  Mike is a researcher and has discovered many strange features on Mars and the Moon.  Mike has been a researcher for World UFO Photos.




 Posted on by Jodie

by Alex Hurrell, Reporter

A photographer says he is completely baffled by a mystery object which has appeared in a moody night-time picture of the sea off the north Norfolk coast.

Jeff Harrison's photo, lightened by an Archant technician, to show the UFO more clearly.

Jeff Harrison was amazed when he came to look at a photo he had taken the previous evening from the clifftops at Happisburgh and spotted a row of lights in the middle-distant sky.

He cannot explain the row of red and white lights but believes they could be part of a very large object.

Mr Harrison, 52, said he had been taking photos for many years and his Canon PowerShot SX20 IS was not a “nasty, cheap” camera.

He had set it on a chair on the cliffs hoping to capture the moon behind the clouds at about 9.25pm on Tuesday, August 16.

Mr Harrison says he cannot remember seeing anything in the sky through the camera: “But when I took my eye away I remember, almost in a flash, that there was something there one minute, and then it wasn’t. At the time I put it down to my eyes readjusting as I moved away, pressed the button and stood back,” he said.

He claims the object must have been stationary because the camera’s exposure time was set at 2.5 seconds and if it had been moving, the lights would have appeared as lines, rather than dots.

And Mr Harrison says he is sure the lights were not from a helicopter as there was no noise of one in the sky and he had since checked operator Bristow’s schedule for that evening.

He has made approximate calculations, based on the rough height of the cliff, distance to the horizon and estimated size of ships which are also in the photo, and believes the mystery object was probably about three miles out to sea and only 600 to 700 feet up in the sky. Mr Harrison said: “If that’s right, it must have been pretty big.”

A Wiltshire resident, Mr Harrison is a frequent visitor to Happisburgh where he works with Beach Road resident Bryony Nierop-Reading who runs a tractor-restoration business.

He added: “This photo has not been messed about with. If the lens was pointing inland you could say that it was light reflected off an object, but it was pointing out to sea. I’m baffled - make of it what you will.”

Heather Dixon, investigations co-ordinator with the volunteer-run British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), said they had received no reports of sightings from Norfolk on August 16. She invited Mr Harrison to contact them with his photo, via the website, if he wanted to take it further.

Ms Dixon said that, after investigation by BUFORA, about 95 pc of sightings were found to have a rational explanation.

Special thanks to Billy Booth -





21/08/2011  BRIERLEY HILL

Posted on by Jodie

Hi BJ, the date was 21st August 2011, it was 08:58 PM. We have had gloomy weather here in Brierley hill, UK, lately but today was sunny with few clouds.

When the sky is clear I like to do a little 'sky-fishing.' I just take about 50 photos of the apparently empty sky, and when I have time I download them to my PC.

I noticed in only one image that below the Moon to the far left, there is a blurred whitish/greyish anomaly.

I appreciate it could be a bug or a bird, although I dont see any antenna or wings.

Also when I take photos I hold the camera about 18 inches from my face so that I can take pictures and observe my surrounding simultaneously, and I saw no bugs or birds.

It maybe something native, but it could be something else. Thanks,

Col Foster, England


Hi BJ, I have another strange anomaly here. Once again I was sky-fishing as the sky was clear with few clouds. I took maybe 50 photos of the sky in a random manner.

Nothing unusual appeared in the pics apart from this one image. At first I thought it was a bird (I didn't see it at the time).

However as I zoomed in I wasn't so sure, it appears to be a white dome with 3 dark appendages, one on top and one on either side.

I don't know any birds with 3 wings. It also has a highlighted rim near the bottom. Could this be a power source or lights?

I wish i had editing software to analyse it in different shades. I was hoping you may be able to do this to determine its origin.

If it turns out to be a bird then I'm sorry for wasting your time, but I just don't think it is. The anomaly can be seen to the lower right of the street post.

Photo taken in Brierley Hill, UK, at 12.31 PM.


Col Foster, England.

Special thanks to Billy Booth -






Posted on by Jodie

On July 20, at 12:46 PM, my friend Scott passed on this photo to me. He was doing a BBQ with friends and family at his home in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, UK. The weather wasn't the best really, but they they persisted to enjoy the BBQ. There was a loud roar in the sky and instinctively people looked up. There was a plane overhead which they noticed seemed to be being tailed or flanked by at least two strange, elongated objects.

The UFOs (I use the word because they were flying, they were objects, and they definitely were unidentified) were closing in on the plane, then retreating a couple of miles back in a matter of seconds!


I find it interesting how the three seem to be in a near perfect triangular formation, maybe they were working together?  Now Scott isn't the type of person who believes in paranormal activity, he's the 'old school' set in his ways kind of person who believes black is black and white is white, to him I think its fair to say there's no 'grey' area. He knows that I, on the other hand, am interested in all things unusual, so he emailed me these photos (attached) and report. I would like to say that this must have been quite something for Scott to grab his family camera and start taking photos!

More people took photos with their cameras and phones which I can chase down for you if desired, the whole thing only lasted around a minute and the plane and objects disappeared over the house. Scott is 57 years of age and an experienced man of the world, he also says this incident has swayed him to thinking there just may be something else out there other than just 'us.' His camera is a FUJIFILM AV150 14 Mega pixel. Please let me know what you think of this. Col Foster.


Thanks to 











Posted on by Jodie

This was witnessed by myself and my partner Karen in Ruislip, Nw London England. 
We live quite near to military bases RAF Northolt etc. We see quite a lot of strange things here apart from the usual chemtrails and Electrical Haarps. This evening (1st Aug 2011 approx 7:15pm) while we were sitting in the garden on our decking enjoying the good weather, there was a leerjet or such coming in to Northolt - Nothing unusual as they fly in/out VIP's all day. But straight after it in the same flight path was a very unusual looking object. It came out of nowhere. To me it looked like a diamond shape which was rolling along at great speed. To Karen it was round in shape and metallic. It wasn't very high. And although it was difficult to make out what shape it really was, it was very clear to the eye and quite low. I had my mobile phone with me and tried to take pictures. We looked at the pictures afterwards but it didn't seem to appear in them. However, I downloaded the pictures and looked at them on my PC. It is there! But it's still hard to make out the exact shape. I'm sticking with diamond. Karen rang her father after the incident as she hadn't witnessed anything like it before. Her parents live closer than us to the air base and he said there had been "Things" going on there all day. Sirens going off, helicopters up and about etc.
Zooming in on the pictures shows better detail.
This sighting report and photo was submitted to World Ufo Photos.



Posted on 15th June 2011 by Jodie

Sometime in the early 1970s my husband and I, together with our two young sons, took our caravan to a Caravan Club Certificated Location in Suffolk. These are caravan sites, usually on farms, which are allowed to have up to 5 touring caravans. Basically it was just a field and when we arrived there was only one other caravan with an elderly couple who had an Alsatian dog.

On our second day we walked around the area, had fun flying a kite and saw loads of hares in the field next to us. Because of this, and the weather wasn't great, I think it was probably the school Easter holidays. We went to sleep on the second night, my husband and I at one end of the caravan and the boys at the other end, in the bunk bed. I was awoken during the night by the Alsatian dog barking. It was tethered outside the other couples caravan. I was annoyed because I didn't want it to wake up the children. I then realised that it was very bright inside the caravan and leaned across to look out of the window. I saw an orange ball in the sky which was getting larger, presumably as it got closer. No sound, and I have no idea how high in the sky except it didn't seem very far above the tree tops. As I leaned back in the bed with the intention of waking my husband, I found I couldn't speak or even move. The next thing I remember it was morning and we were all awake. I remember feeling incredibly uneasy and told my husband we had to move, I didn't want to stay on that site because the street light kept me awake all night! I remembered seeing the orange ball and I guess street light was the best logical explanation I could think of. My husband said "What street light? We are in the middle of a field, surrounded by other fields" and when I pointed to where I had seen the 'street light' there wasn't even a road. I then explained that it wasn't just the light but the dog barking had woken me up and he reluctantly agreed to move to another site. At the time I knew little about UFOs, I wasn't interested in them at all.

I am now 67 years old and have only ever told one person my story, my present husband. He doesn't doubt what happened but he thinks an explanation could be sleep paralysis. I haven't researched sleep paralysis so I don't know if my experience is typical. I do know that I have never again woken up and found I couldn't talk or move. Did I see a UFO? I really don't know.

I decided to write to you after seeing on your website the photograph taken over Glan Conwy in Wales.  It matches exactly the description of what I saw some 40 years' ago. The above image is for illustration purposes only

Special thanks to Dawn Gitlin.



Posted on 15th June 2011 by Jodie

On the morning of the 18th of July at approx. 1:47am, I was in my living room and decided to go outside for a cigarette. It was later than I usually go to bed, as my 15 week old daughter was having trouble getting to sleep. As I lit the cigarette I noticed 2 orange lights in the distance far away from the rooftops. Today was the first day of a bi-yearly festival so I thought it was a couple of fireworks going off. I thought I'd keep my eye on them as the fireworks should of finished at 11pm and it looks like people were still letting them off.

The first thing that struck me was the silence.  I live close to where the festival is taking place and the fireworks earlier in the night where like artillery going off in my back garden. These lights were silent and after several seconds they were still in the air and not making the usual whistles or exploding. Quite unusual, I dismissed them as fireworks but they were moving closer so I thought they were airplanes as there's an airport in the next town from us.

As I kept watching I noticed they were not airplanes either. They were moving far too fast and were far too bright. When airplanes pass over they are very slow and usually 2 or 3 red blinking lights and a constant white one. The 2 objects where moving VERY fast and where bright orange. It's hard to estimate a speed, but comparing it to airplanes passing overheard at say 600mph after flying for 20-30 minutes, these objects where flying about 3000-4000mph. They covered the night sky in about 30 seconds. They couldn't of been fireworks as the festival is about 1.5-2 miles away and even though I could see and here the fireworks vividly, I've never known fireworks to travel that high up and that distance before now. 

Both objects where flying fast and high, one of them sped up as to catch up with the other. After seeing them fly flawlessly straight for two minutes, the one catching up seemed to turn and then both of them sped up faster and disappeared within the blink of an eye.

My first thoughts were curiosity over what I thought they might be, then intrigue of finding out they aren't what I thought. When I realised what they weren't, I started to think about what they could be. It didn't even occur to me that they could be anything unidentifiable until they got about halfway across the sky. I felt excitement over witnessing it but somehow I over-rided my awe and ran inside to get the camera. I'm still feeling a little excited even now.

It was a pitch black night with only a few clouds in the sky. It had rained a little earlier in the day but cleared up in the afternoon. The only way I can describe them where two very bright orange lights, I couldn't see what shape or size they where. But compared to air traffic, they seemed like they were not as high up, but where moving extremely fast. I watched them for approx. 2 Min's before I ran inside and picked up my digital camera which took about 20 seconds maximum. They were still there when I returned outside and managed to take 3 photos, i witnessed them for a few more seconds before one of them increased speed and changed direction slightly. Then both of them increased speed and disappeared. They didn't disappear over rooftops, they just seemed to of gone up.

Thanks to MUFON's case management system.











Posted on 6th June 2011 by Jodie

In the early hours of the morning of the 21st of May, I was coming out of Asda's (supermarket) and I noticed in the corner of my eye a strange flash.

This led me to look at a remarkable object within our atmosphere.

The best way to describe the object would be kind of a jagged star with vapour trails behind it.

I've seen many meteor showers and shooting stars in my time, and this was something else. I've seen many strange sightings in the sky, but this was different.

The UFO was travelling at a very fast speed with no sound from my left to right heading towards Grimsby Police Station.

As soon as I got a glimpse of the object, it just vanished out of sight. It was DEFINITELY not a helicopter or conventional aircraft.

I'm very interested in Ufology and not really noticed many sightings like mine, not like the typical saucer or cigar shape.

I didn't feel any emotions apart from WOW!! I didn't lose any time while observing the object. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.


Thanks to UFO Casebook and MUFON CMS system.












Posted on 30th May 2011 by Jodie

On the evening of October 9, 2010, I stepped outside the house of a friend I was visiting in Glan Conwy, Wales. It was quite dark, there was a solid ceiling of clouds not high but not low either. I noticed a reddish-orange light in the sky heading in my general direction from the west. It was slow moving, much like the speed of a slow moving helicopter, my first thought is that it was and the bright light was its search beacon. I didn't think too much of it until it came closer, but I continued to watch it.

It was flying in a straight and level path well below the cloud cover and soon began a wide-arced turn which is when I started to realize it was something abnormal. The bright light never dimmed as a search beacon should have if it had been turned away. I dashed into the house, grabbed my camera and snapped off a shot. Unfortunately, the shutter remained open for 1/10 of a second causing a blurred shot. It was too dark to see the adjustments on my camera so I didn't take any more shots. The object had grown closer as it made its turn to the north, appearing much like a very bright military flare at this point. There was no smoke coming from it, the sky was clear enough that I would easily have seen any. It made no sound, no red and white lights hazzard lights were flashing from either side and the intensity of the light made it impossible to see any details of the object. I doubt it could have been more than 10 to 20 feet in height and width. Its speed never varied, its trajectory seemed to be controlled as it never climbed, dipped or wavered to either side. There is no way anyone could convince me that this was a Chinese lantern...far too bright to be that. I estimate the closest it got to me was within 1/4 mile, its altitude being only 1000 to 1500 feet at most.

I continued to observe the object for a full four to five minutes before it dissappeared over the hilltops to the northwest, heading in the direction of the nearest RAF base. The light grew only slightly dimmer as the object grew more distant. While the object was recorded on my camera the duration of the shutter opening showed movement of the camera and gave the recorded image the appearance of a fireball with a tail (a tail that the object I saw did not possess). I more adhered to the object being something military in nature due to both my lack of explanation of it and its course in the direction of the RAF base. That is until my friend called me from the UK on December 31, 2010 to tell me she had seen two objects near her house (that same house) which matched my description to a tee. That's when I started searching and saw there seems to be many sightings identical in nature from many parts of the world.










Posted on 26th May 2011 by Jodie

About 16 years ago when I lived in a bungalow in Fauldouse, West Lothian a very strange thing happened one night. It was dark outside and approx 10pm so it would be around October 95. All of a sudden my back garden lit up, my son jumped up shouting "what the on earth was that?"

We ran out to the back garden and when we looked up saw the strangest sight. It was a huge cloud slowly drifting by, sounds normal but there was no wind. Every couple of minutes it would light up inside and everything below as it passed over.

This cloud was about a mile long and made no sound. We climbed up the railway embankment for a better view and watched it slowly drift south west.It was lighting up every 4 minutes or so now. I was so fascinated we jumped into my car and followed it for about 7 or 8 miles. Where it eventually drifted out of sight.

I was sure it would be in the newspapers the next day but nothing! The only thing I saw was an article in the west lothian courier the following Thursday when some people in a car driving on the motorway which would have been near to me said they got a fright when their car lit up for a few seconds inside, this happened around the same time my back garden lit up. 

Thanks to John Chapman, Glasgow.

Jodie Richardson


Image above is for illustration purposes only.


Posted on 22nd May 2011 by Jodie              

While attending an annual visit to the Kelling Heath Star Party (also known as Equinox Star Party) which is an astronomers get together held by the Norwich Astronomical Society, a object was spotted by an Amateur Astronomer sitting motionless in the sky over the campsite.

At first he thought the object which was oval with a reflective surface may have been a helium balloon or advertising balloon but, stated it was just hanging in the sky motionless, so he immediately aimed his Sony F717 dsc camera and took a shot.


He looked at the image in the lcd screen, zoomed in to check it was captured and it was. He then looked at the object again to frame it. He observed it for no more than 2 seconds, when it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The witness states - I have good knowledge of telescopes, cameras and weather variables. I truly think this experience is a rare one.

Jodie Richardson




Posted on 21st May 2011 by Jodie

On the 8th May 2011 at 7:30 pm a photographer from Bognor Regis was taking pictures of cloud formations that he thought were interesting when something caught his attention. He spotted a bright White light moving through the sky at a very fast pace, so he pointed his camera, zoomed in and took a snap.

As he refocused the camera to take another shot the light brightened before completely disappearing. The whole sighting lasted around 10 seconds and he described the light as 3 objects together.

Just to note the camera used was a Canon Rebel T1i, with an EF-S SS-250mm 1:4-5.6 IS Zoom Lens.

Jodie Richardson




Posted on 18th May 2011 by Jodie

A Widnes youth claims he saw a top-secret ‘stealth’ aircraft swoop just feet above rooftops in Widnes.

Laurence Baker, 17, said he was at home when a black sphere flew over homes near his house on Millington Close, Foxley Heath.  Laurence, who studies art and design, is keen to know whether anyone else saw the same thing.

He said the mystery orb had an antennae protruding from near its rear end, which was facing towards its front and over the main body.

The teen believes the mystery vehicle was a ‘stealth’ aircraft because it appeared to be covered in black panels that ‘looked like scales’.

However, he said he does not think it was the US Air Force’s world-famous B-2 Stealth Bomber, F-117A Stealth Fighter or any other recognisable aircraft.

Laurence said the vehicle was heading silently toward North Wales at ‘jet fighter’ speed. He said it was about the same size as an RAF Typhoon and was flying just 20-30 ft above the rooftops.

Despite the craft’s unusual design, Laurence does not think it was of extraterrestrial origin.

He said: “I’m not going to say it was alien craft because that’s completely out of the question.

“This was some kind of advanced stealth aeroplane. It had to be military.

“I think it probably was something to do with the armed forces because unmarked helicopters have been hovering over Foxley Heath lately.

“I was in my room when it happened and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

“I’ve been asking my mates about it but they don’t seem to have seen anything.”

The MoD did not respond to a Weekly News request for details of any reports it received on May 4. The above image is a rendering.

Special thanks to




Posted on 17th May 2011 by Jodie

AN EASTBOURNE man swears ‘on his mother’s grave’ that he saw a TARDIS-like object floating above the town last weekend.

Steve Mackin, of Appledore Road, was on his way back from performing at The Smugglers in Pevensey just after midnight on Sunday (May 8), when he spotted a pulsating orange light coming from what looked like an old-fashioned police box, like Doctor Who’s.

Mr. Mackin, who believes it must have been a UFO, said it glowed and then vanished, only to reappear minutes later when he had got back to his house.

“I’m not lying because there were five of us who have seen it, and that’s on my mother’s grave,” he said.

“It was there, honestly. It was really, really weird. I have never seen anything like that in my life, never – not in a million years. It couldn’t have been a helicopter; there was not a sound coming from it at all.

“I watched it in the sky coming towards the trees.

“It stopped in front of me and the light went from dull to bright orange and then it sort of vanished in front of my eyes.”

Mr. Mackin said his neighbor had also seen it and someone at work had mentioned seeing a strange light over Willingdon.

Police said they had not received any calls about the strange flying object. Website UK UFO Sightings recorded a similar sighting in East Grinstead a few hours later, at 3 am.

The witness said, “Looking out of the bedroom window, I saw a bright orange light which was a rectangular shape with a flashing light at each end.

“I watched it as it travelled east very slowly for approximately 30 seconds and it then stopped.

“It then travelled back west at the same speed gradually disappearing in front of my eyes.

“I have never seen anything like it before. Very strange.”

Thanks to Billy Booth



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